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Yuxing People

Yuxing People


Mr. Fu Zhengxue

Chief engineer of Yuxing Company

Graduated from ironmaking specialty of Chongqing University, initially worked in Anyang Steel in 1965, afterwards worked in Shuiye iron-making plant, metallurgy bureau, metallurgy research institute, metal society of Henan Province, holding the position of technician, engineer, chief engineer, division chief, institute head, president of metal society, deputy head of a country. In 1968, he developed “shuiye type” external combustion chamber stove which was applied in a blast furnace at Shuiye plant and the campaign life of this kind of stove reached to 25 years. Then this kind of stove was applied 2000-3200m3 BF at Angang and Bengang. In 1986, he developed top fired stove with a small dome which was applied in 138m3 BF at Handan Zongheng Steel. He has 55 years of ironmaking design, management, operation and installation, and is responsible for design and erection guidance of 637 Yuxing top fired stoves and over 150 top fired stove with a small dome developed by himself.

At the age of 80, he is still devoted to ironmaking career and making a great contribution to ultra-low NOx emission, high efficiency, energy saving, long lifetime and high hot blast temperature for Chinese and world-wide ironmaking industry.

Mr. Liu Shiju

Inventor of Yuxing catenary stove

Inventor of Yuxing 4-section stove 

Under the cooperation of the expert team led by the senior expert Professor Mr. Fu Zhengxue and the careful guidance of more than 100 experts and scholars, such as Professor Mr. Wang Xiaoliu, Professor Mr. Wang Weixing, deputy chief engineer Mr. Tang Qinghua, Dr. Mr. Liu Quanxing, Dr. Mr Cheng Shusen, and vice president Mr. Wu Huiqing,, he developed Yuxing catenary stove, Yuxing 4-section stove, swirl flow swapped top fired stove, ceramic burner bricks with mark HRK which adapts to Kalugin stove, ball stove converted to checker brick stove, ICC converted to Yuxing top fired stove, refractory balls, D-type T joint sustaining hot blast of 1250-1350 oC, pressure and flow equalization checker, and contributes to the technical collaboration with Primetals, Danieli Corus, POSCO E& C, Kalugin JSC, CISDI, CERI, etc, and makes a great contribution to energy saving, environmental protection and high hot blast stove. 


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