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Yuxing Limited consisting of Henan Yuxing Engineering & Technology of Hot Blast Stove Co., Henan Engineering & Technology Research Center of Hot Blast Stove and Zhengzhou Yuxing Technology of Hot Blast Stove Co, is an EPC organization integrating with technical R & D of hot blast stove, engineering, erection and technical service as well as manufacturing and supply of refractories.

Yuxing has created a number of international advanced technologies and possessed more than 180 patents for hot blast stove under the leadership of general manager Mr. Liu Liming.

Yuxing has authorized M/s Kalugin JSC as the exclusive agent in CIS for marketing of ceramic burner bricks with mark HRK developed by Yuxing Limited. Ceramic burner bricks supplied by Yuxing have been successfully applied in the critical area of pre-combustion chamber of Kalguin stoves for 5578m3 BF at Severstal JSC, for 5500m3 BF at Shougang Jingtang Steel, for 5050m3 BF at BaoSteel Zhanjiang, 5000m3 BF at JFE and for all BF with volume over 3200m3 using Kalugin stoves. Yuxing has supplied more than 2000 sets of ceramic burners for different types of stoves. This enables Yuxing ceramic burner bricks to be a world well-known brand.

Yuxing catenary top fired stove for 1860m3 BF at Shanxi Tongcai Steel had delivered monthly mean hot blast temperature of 1314.7 oC in Oct 2012 and Nov 2012. This hot blast temperature has not been surpassed yet by any other stove technology. In 2018, Yuxing stove technology was selected in the list of Henan Equipment Manufacturing Industry Top-10 Landmark High-end Equipment. According to the preliminary statistics, Yuxing Limited has achieved 637 references of top fired stoves up to March 2021, including over 80 references where the early 3-section/small top fired stoves converted into Yuxing top fired. Since 2017, there have been 18 blast furnaces with volume from 2000-3580m3 using 56 Yuxing top fired stoves (in which 47 Yuxing top fired stoves featuring an independent design between the dome and hot blast outlet in order to eliminate the thermal stress) in Hebei Province. So, Yuxing top fired stoves will be the mainstream technology in the future development.

Since 2008, Yuxing Limited has established the collaboration relationship with world-well known organisations such as Primetals, Danieli Corus, Kalugin JSC, CISDI, WISDRI, CERI, SinoSteel Equipment, MCC Huatian, Tanggang International, etc.

Yuxing had entrusted a third-party environmental protection test organization to carry out the analysis of waste gas of Yuxing catenary stove for 10 blast furnaces with volume from 1288-3000m3 at Hebei Jingye Steel, Hebei Aosen Steel, Hebei Zongheng Fengnan Steel, Tangshan Ruifeng Steel. Test results show that the average value of NOx is 37.5mg/Nm3 only in the waste gas. So, Yuxing catenary stove belongs to a low emission technology without denitrification equipment. It provides a scientific reference for the design of environmental protection hot blast stove with ultra-low emission, high hot blast temperature, energy saving and longevity.

Since 2016, Yuxing has performed EPC of hot blast system for 1080m3 BF, 1380m3 BF, 1780m3 BF, 2200m3 BF, 2500m3 BF and 3200m3 BF.

Yuxing Limited possesses modern production lines with annual output and sales of 100000 tons of refractories. Through the cooperation of production, learning, research and application, Yuxing will continuously improve its technology research and development and technical inspection capabilities, and make Yuxing become an internationally famous hot blast stove technology company.


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